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- February in Restrospect
It that time again, here is the monthly review news.

Last month we made our little new year's special which means that you got one new movie each day on our YouTube channel.
There where our own uploads (Frag, Anticheat Project or Flawless, for example) but the main part were videos that we added here as new and embedded into our playlists (zneel - Video Soul, ... (Untitled), Fragmovie #1 and many more).
At the same time we went through a number of linking submissions and mirror updates.

That's it with February. With that we're already in March! Look forward to seeing new movies and a new section!

- January 2014 - The Month in Retrospect
Last month was a dull beginning of the year. Much was planned but couldn't be realized (due to more or less personal reasons). That's why much happened behind the veil and wasn't as obvious for you.
We prepared for our new year's special which means that we uploaded, described and linked videos. You can see already or will see which videos in particular these are. (Hint: Take a look at our YouTube channel.)

Furthermore we have prepared and are still preparing the GMA for this and for last year. That basically means that candidates for nomination have to be researched, organized, screened, and, last but not least, added to our website. We haven't finished this step yet but we'll keep you up-tp-date.

We're also preparing a little recategorization. It gets quite technical here, so we'll just say this: Until we're able to roll out this change as planned, we have to test, test, test.

- Happy New ... err ... Merry February 4th! (87:56 min, 364 MB, 10 DLs)
So this year is some weeks old now. (Let us tell you: ISPs, regardless of their size, are hopelessly overestimated when it comes to manage contracts and activate access, even for the most simple cases.) High time to act according to our announcement and present the promised New Year's surprise.

And man, where we amazed when we saw that is back online! After a long time the site that was thought to be lost finally gives signs of life again. Now with ESReality and us the third great movie bastion is back again. We recommend to take a look at it - not only for movies with detailed information that are not present here (including some classics), but because the admins there were more active than us over the last weeks and the site therefore has some advantage over us in terms of being up-to-date.
From now on you'll also see news about here.

Now to our - originally planned - news. Some time ago we discovered a gem of a film that is about the background of e-sport and goes back to the beginnings of this gamer subculture. It has the rather trivial title "Frag" and shows how big leagues like the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) developed and e-sport as business general.
You'll also get criticism and learn that e-sport is much closer to traditional sport than even the e-sport scene itself thinks. Whith bigger tournaments and more prize money, the topic only gained more actuality over time.
A must-see for everyone. Watch it!
But that's not all: To make up for the last, inactive months, we prepared what starts today. For two weeks you will see a new movie every day on our YouTube channel! As ever, everything will be linked here accordingly. If you don't want to miss anything, subscribe. Have fun!

How do you like a special like this? Want more or is an even but solid supply more appreciated? Tell us!
- Merry Christmas!
At last, reporting in! It has been a while since our last news so it's high time to give you some updates. Quite a lot happened and we don't want to hold this back from you.

But before that we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and nice holidays! Now, gifts are given, bellies are filled und families have been visited. And the year is almost over. (Who else is excited about the upcoming days getting longer again?)

Well, what happened this year and, especially, why so few activity from us?
For a while, we had little time we could use for PV. Still, we managed to get you supplied with videos and news. But this year hit hard for everyone and we had to reduce our activity to a minimum. Abscence of news was the obvious result. From time to time we could add a few videos and make some uploads to our YouTube channel, though. Sadly, there was not anything else, we could do.
Another major blow was napalm - PV admin for many years - retreating from his post. It's sad because he was not only very competent and active but also an enjoyable companion overall. We honor his accomplishments and wish him all the best.

How to go on?

You can expect our situation to improve from here. There will always be shortages but not to the extent of this year's one, anymore. Still, we're always looking for fellow movie enthusiasts! So, if you want to become a part of the PV family and support us in our mission, apply! Of course, you can also help us without being an admin: as movie scouts, for example, you keep your eyes open for new movies to be added and collect information, but you are not instantly a permanent member of the admin team. Else, there are many ways to help - just e-mail us.
Also, there's much happening beneath the stage, that's not noticed immediately. That's why from next year on, we'll post a news at the end of each month summarizing the happenings and updates around PV in order to keep you up to date - even if there's not much happening on the surface.

We also have a list with improvements for our website. These consist, among others, of technical changes and practical ones, that directly impact the user interface. So stay tuned.

Apart from that, we're still looking for an alternative for own3D to get our German audience the same chance to enjoy our uploads as anyone else. Do you have any idea? Write us!

The Game Movie Awards

... have to be arranged quickly now! And they will be. Since we're in a similar spot like last year we're considering to hold the GMA 2012 and 2013 at the same time to avoid a delay like this year. How do you think about that? Would that be too much at the same time and is everyone better off having them held one after another? Or is it more important to just get them done quickly? Please write comments with your opinions.

Now, after so much text and news we're signing out for now. You'll hear from us again next year. And brace yourselves for a little New Year's surprise. ;)

Having this said, we wish you a Happy New Year!

- Doom III: Arenas (68:32 min, 255 MB, 40 DLs)
And another big thing: Prepare for 68 minutes of entertainment with Arenas. This is a crossover machinima that brings the characters of Doom III and Quake into an own plot together.

This plot is explained quickly: Doom, a Space Marine, has to defend against waves of demons that have overrun his base. But when he is betrayed by is own men and tries to escape someone teleports him to The Arena.
It quickly becomes clear that all the fighters are prisoners of the system, doomed to fight each other again and again without any sign of an end or even freedom. But Doom is more like to get back into his own world. So he tries to find a way out of this arena.

You can see that the Doom III engine is quite old now. The textures of the characters appear very clean and the animations do not look that smooth. Generally, music is matter of taste but the soundtrack lacks a portion of atmosphere.
Still: The fact that the two universes have been brought together and embedded into a common, meaningful plot is something special and itself already an achievement worth to be pointed out. If that happens as a series that, summed up, has a runtime of more than one hour, one can only take off his hat to the makers.

This film definitely is something special compared to the many much shorter machinimas being released nowadays.

Have fun watching!

- The Evolution of Real Time PC Graphics (176:01 min, 0 MB, 54 DLs)
Today we have a special kind of time travel for you. This time is not about games or machinima but the development of graphical performance and visuliyation on PC systems.
Perfect Hand Productions has cut together a film of many benchmarks and graphical demos that have been developed since the turn of the millenium. You will see many old and familiar scenes. But newer pieces with more up to date graphics are also shown.

Warning: Nostalgia alert!


Quake III
- Edge of the Earth (7:01 min, 760 MB, 84 DLs, 3 Votes: 93%)
After a long time there finally arrives a nice Q3 trick jumping piece . It is called Edge of the Earth and apart from the the actual jumps it shines with one fact: all particle and text effects were rendered ingame. No After Effects was necessary for this - the only thing needed was q3mme.

But this movie is not only worth watching to see what is possible with this tool. It has a pleasant flow and the music fits very well. rEnk has done more than just a solid job here.


- Team Quad - 16 Years of Dedication (15:12 min, 1536 MB, 20 DLs, 1 Vote: 80%)
Quake or QuakeWorld was one of the first first-person shooter games in which multiple players could compete against each other - completely in 3D. By that, it laid the foundation for probably the most popular genre of PC and video games. But it also set standards with its own game mechanics and speed and inpsired both gamers and developers worldwide.

The release by id Software was long ago. Successors followed. But there still is a community that gathers around the - quite old - original game and favors it over the many others, more mordern ones.

Dedicated to this very game and community is Team Quad - 16 Years of Dedication. The film was shot during a community meeting and shows interviews with some of the members. It explains what makes this game interesting even today and why there still are people, who play such an old game.

We strongly recommend this little excursion to the roots of one of the greates eSport classics of all time.


- A Quickie on Social Networks
Today we have a quickie in an own matter for you: Which social networks do you use?

Please take a moment and participate in the relating vote. It will be active until one week from now.

Thereby you help us to shape our engagement on the different platforms.


PS: Puns are intended.

CS Movies 2012
- Action (2:40 min, 104 MB, 140 DLs, 4 Votes: 78%)
After all these Call of Duty movies lately, we wanted to show you some good old-fashioned Counter-Strike. Action by Eko really stands out from the crowd with its gripping atmosphere combined with a great cut.

And it only runs for about 2 1/2 minutes, so we can assure you that you won't get bored. If you are looking for a quick dose of entertainment, Action will suit you very well!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
- 8it (6:57 min, 415 MB, 29 DLs, 1 Vote: 80%)
Another Call of Duty flick you might ask?! No sign of life for such a long time and then two Call of Duty movies in a row? Calm down, 8it is not just another one, it's very worthy of being presented to you!

rna the maker of 8it was already successfull with one of his earlier works, an homage to the Los Angeles based airport. I'm kidding, of course, but the movie was still entitled LAX and rocked pretty hard!

8it rocks equally hard! This time, rna references the good ole 8 bit era throughout the whole movie-hence the title-in an all-over well executed editing style. If you don't believe my words have a look for yourself!

- Quick Announcement:
... is downfor good, it seems. So the biggest European streaming service for gaming content vanishes. How sad.

We wish the whole own3D team all the best!
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