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  Fun: City 17
Size:  44 MB
Duration:  9:25 min (4.7 MB/min)
Date of upload:  06/10/2005, 9:20pm
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Source:  Daniel Eggert
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Description:  This is a Half-Life 2 fan movie where real life footage and ingame stuff is mixed.

Quote from the creators original post:
"I wrote my thesis about CGI/live action footage compositing which inspired me to produce a shortmovie with CG special effects. this movie was created by me in roughly 2 weeks, I spent 15 hours a day working on it and Im really happy with the result even tho I wished I had more time to improve it. I used content of the game Half Life 2 such as 3D models, sound fx and music made by Valve Software."
Resolution is only 320x192, but it lasts 9:25, so it's ok for it's size.

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HQ movie.. great!!
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