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 CoD4: Mazarini and paradox: Play With Soul
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Duration:  13:37 min (66.6 MB/min)
Resolution:  1280×720 Pixel
Date of upload:  01/09/2011, 9:19pm
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Source:  Mazarini (1?)
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Description:  "Well guys, THIS IS IT! It start almost a year and a half ago when I finally got enough material and footage together with my ex-teammate paradox. I realize that I promised a lot of you about release dates, but it always got interrupted somewhere with something that I found to be perfected even more, like soundtrack, editing, or effects. I've also redone all the 3D work in this movie so it is PERFECT and nothing less!

While I was working on Mazadox, I did some more side projects, and this issue delayed the movie as well and I had some motivation issues when I took hiatuses and didn't work on it at all for 2 months or so. It took a lot of time to learn 3Dmax and also to motivate myself to learn more advanced Adobe After Effects work, and that's why it took longer than a year. Basically this movie is like a lab rat, testing new effects and just trying to see what my audience likes to see. I want to perfect what I already know before moving on with my moviemaking. Anyways, I literally tricked out every second of this movie, and I wanted to do something that strayed far from my usual "epileptic" style, destroying as many instances of it as I could, so I removed the things not necessary that tons of frag movies today contain. I wanted to preserve original graphics, and make it look great, so players can thoroughly enjoy the frags, and also a few spurts here and there of effects to please moviemakers alike as well. And most importantly, I wanted this to be a serious AND humorous movie, so I implemented both a sort of story as well as some humor.

Basically the initial intention was to do a 14-minute fragmovie about me and paradox with a good story (about 12 songs, different styles, so the audience would be widespread and entertained), and I spent a ton of time mixing and researching different genres of music to fit, as well as a respectable amount of time putting a few Easter eggs in the movie for you guys to look out for. I hope that you guys really do appreciate my hard work and dedication, and really enjoy this for what it is

I want to thank everyone that supported me, helped me, and motivated me to do this movie. I hope this is what you all expected, and I recommend downloading the full version for the complete experience, so you can clearly see every effect close-up without any quality distortion. If you're up for a challenge (who will find Homer Simpson in the background. Among the other easter Eggs. DUH! =D)

Thank you again to everyone that helped, and I really do hope that this pleases viewers!

Winner of the Game Movie Awards 2010
"Call of Duty"
Best Video

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i watched this video but it didn't let me vote upon completion of the video. I give this video a 10
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